The successful student

Is never told to do their homework. They come home, take out their homework and get on it. Help your child achieve their goals by removing distractions and providing a place to work.

Likes to get to school on time. They know when they're running late and pressure YOU to hurry up and drop them off.

Hounds you for school supplies, and getting you to sign forms.

Wakes themselves up from bed, because you taught them how to use an alarm clock, and to go to bed at a decent hour (8pm or 9pm).  Growing children need at least ten hours of sleep.

IS aware of skills tests and quizzes and prepares for them. They don't like failing tests. They know what projects are due, and when.


Encourage your kids to study for at least 15 minutes after completing their homework.  It a great habit and helps them to remember the new information they learned that day.

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