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Comprehensive Counseling Program

Comprehensive Counseling Program

Eufaula Elementary School


Martha Asher, BA, MA


Our young people face a number of challenges. The expectation of ever-higher academic proficiency and societal factors may create obstacles to learning for some of our students. The mission of the Eufaula Elementary School Counseling Program is to provide a support system to students, parents and staff as they strive to meet these growing demands on students.

The EES Counseling Program addresses student need in a number of areas including: academic achievement, crisis management, and personal growth and development, just to name a few.  Following are the Counseling Program’s guidance curriculum domains designed to address the desired student competencies.

Academic Development






Counselor Activities

with teachers






with students


Understand one's

learning abilities

and how to apply


Counsel with students

who are experiencing

learning problems.

Collaborate with teachers

about the appropriate

class placement of



Become informed

about academic

strengths and


Interpret standardized

test results for students,

parents and teachers.

Provide guidance

activities on how to

prepare for tests and

how to use the results.


Learn to set academic

goals and develop

strategies to

accomplish them.

Counsel students to

help them set short-term

and long-term goals.

Work with students

to develop a plan of



Understand the

relationship of ability,

effort and the quality of

school achievement

Identify students at risk

of school failure and

respond to their needs.

Coordinate activities

that provide recognition

for student improvement

and achievement.


Expand study and test-taking skills.

Counsel students at risk of school failure and advise additional support such as tutoring.

Provide guidance activates to help students develop study and test-taking skills.









Personal/Social Development





Counselor Activities with teachers


Student Competencies

Counselor Activities with Students


Identify and demonstrate ways to protect oneself from abuse.

Help individuals and groups of students learn assertiveness skills.

Provide guidance activities to address the issue of violence.


Demonstrate the ability to

Influence and support others in a positive health and safety choices.

Counsel with students to help them understand the consequences of their actions.

Provide information to students and teachers about the SAFE-Call help line.





Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with family, peers and others.

Counsel students who need help improving their interpersonal skills or assertiveness skills.

Provide information on the group skills needed in school and the work-place.

Analyze how information from media, technology and the community effects health and safety behavior.

Provide counseling for students who have been referred for behavior concerns.

Provide guidance activities to help students learn coping skills.

Demonstrate ways to communicate care, consideration and respect for others.

Counsel students who encounter peer pressure.

Collaborate with teachers to provide prevention information related to peer pressure and bullying.

Examine how interpersonal communication affects relationships.

Make individual and group counseling available to all students.

Ensure that all students are provided sufficient opportunities to experience success in school.

Demonstrate refusal, negotiation and collaboration skills to avoid harmful situations.

Help students make informed decisions.

Provide guidance activites to assist students learn appropriate skills




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